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With the 2021 reworking of the festival website the structure of the photo galleries has changed greatly. On the old website only 8-10 images per page was practical and so each event had its own web page. The new website uses responsive web technology; this means if you access this web page on a phone your screen will only show one picture below another in the gallery - if you access the page using a widescreen device (PC with an HD screen) you will probably see rows of three images per row. The page software (and your web browser) deal with the sizing automatically. So there is no arbitrary 8-10 images per page limit, the new page design will allow us to merge together the earlier page's information into fewer pages and because of this, a page MAY load a little slower than before but will cover more topics (in some cases).

There is a menu which lists the events in each gallery page, hover over the word "Photos" in the menu bar above and you should see a drop-down menu with these items in.

Please Note: The Photo's drop down menu will ONLY be available from the Photo gallery pages, on other pages clicking on the word Photo will only bring you to this page!

At foot of this page there is an example Gallery, with text below each image - if you haven't seen these photo gallery pages before, just wander down the page and have a play to get used to how it works.


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Page Last updated: 2 June 2021

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