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With thanks to the people who help to make this possible, and all the people who run, join and promote amateur organisations in the Stevenage area.

If you run, or are part of an amateur organisation in the Stevenage area, and you have a web site, then please add a link to us :

The new logo does not have a border so may not work against all backgrounds, just add the following code to your site:

For a 250 pixel wide version of the logo:
<p><a href=""><img src="" width="250" border="0" alt="" /><br /></a><br /></p>
Merged logo image 250 pixels wide

or a 500 pixel wide logo:

<p><a href=""><img src="" width="500" border="0" alt="" /><br /></a><br /></p>
Merged logo image 500 pixels wide

IF you need a white background supplied for the logo then get back in touch with us and we'll provide you one. (Use webmaster email address in the list at foot of this page)

A print version (higher definition image) of the logo is available if you get back in touch with us - please use Email link below

Get in touch, and we'll be more than happy to add a link back.

Stevenage Festival

You can find us on our Facebook page or email us using the email link on this page.

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