Stevenage Unlocked Photo Gallery

Adult winners, highly commended and commended images. The adult winner - Kathy Grew - is, therefore, the Roger Andrews award winner for this Festival.

The Gallery, with text below each image, is a simple click on the image thumbnail you see to view the full scale image.
Please note: On some web browsers e.g. phones/tablets both the thumbnail and the full image get scaled as they are displayed .... so you can have the full image smaller than the thumbnail and this is the normal correct operation of the web page. Gallery is best viewed on a PC or tablet with a high resolution screen.

The images supplied were in different formats (landscape and portrait) and resolutions so some are scaled in the thumbnail views of the gallery to give images of approximately the same height and width (using padding where needed). The full images are always reproduced with no padding to the image.

All images remain the copyright of the photographer - do not reproduce them elsewhere without permission.

Online Exhibition of the photographs

The wonderful folks at the Photographic Society have put together a 3D virtual exhibition of some of the best of the photographs from the competition, which include these and a number of other images. IF you'd like to have a look at it then pop over (by clicking on the link) to this website.

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