Welcome to the New Stevenage Festival Website!

Things on the new website are organised JUST a little differently. For one thing the logo has changed - we've taken out the 25th Anniversary text.

The top menu bar is now a little simpler - gone are the "Privacy" link and "Mobile View" link. The "Privacy" link is now at the foot of each every page on the site. The "Mobile View" link is now unnecessary as the new website uses more sophisticated software "under the bonnet" - depending on the size of the viewing window the web browser repositions and reflows all the text - eventually down to a single column width if you access the site via a mobile.

These links now go to a single page each as before HOWEVER two of them are special. Photos and History. IF you click on the Photos link on ANY page other than a photo gallery page the link will take you to the main photo page

The Photos page link (on the Photos.html page) now looks a little different - there's a downward facing arrow next to the word photos, this denotes that a lower lever menu is available. If you hover over the word Photos, the lower level menu will drop down and be visible.

You can see rightward pointing arrows in the lower level menu which shows a second lower level menu.

Then you can click on the individual page and jump straight there.

The History page follows the same basic operation as for Photos - the difference being the upper level menu has three menu choices. These are Main events, Fringe events and Rock in the Park

Each of these menu choices has a different number of pages in the further lower level menu (as you can find out when you go and have a look).

Page Footer

Here's a view of the new footer which appears on EVERY page of the site. There are Facebook and Twitter icons to let you jump to our pages on either of those two social media sites. There are also mail links to click on to email us from your own email account. The new feature here is a "Page Last updated" feature so you can see when we last updated each page. Not visible in the image is a green tab with an upward arrow that appears in the footer, click on it and you will jump back to the top of the page you are on.

Mobile View

The mobile view of the website will look as below:

So the three bars at the top are the menu for the site, which when clicked pops a menu over the main page.

IF you navigate to the photos page and click on the three barred icon menu there the more detailed menu for photos is revealed:

Click on the downward facing arrow to drop the lower level menu (at which point the downward facing arrow becomes upward facing to let you close the drop down). The picture below shows two levels of menu dropped down.

As you can see if the menu exceeds the length of the screen an elevator bar appears to let you roll the menu up or down to reach the link you want.

Again the History page works in a similar fashion, navigate to the History page, click on the three barred menu there to reveal history page menus

Enough of me telling you what's changed, now click on the "Home button" at the top of this page to return to the site Home page and have a wander about the site. Any problem or oddities you find please email me (the webmaster) using the link below here or in any other of the page footers.

Stevenage Festival

You can find us on our Facebook page or email us using the email link on this page.

Page Last updated: 2 June 2021

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