Festival Photos 2023 - Poppies project

The project was originated by Doctor Sagen Zac-Varghese at the Lister Hospital. The Stevenage Arts Society in conjunction with the Life Gallery at Lister Hospital decided to make a ceramic flower display similar to the poppies display done at the last Remembrance Day in London. This was, as a COVID remembrance, symbolic of the number of people who died of COVID 19 at Lister Hospital. The page below details the processes used to make the ceramic flowers up to the point where there was a service at St. Andrew and St. Georges Church.

The memorial service was on a wet day so it was umbrellas out for looking at the poppies in the garden at St. Andrews and St. Georges.

They have now been removed from the garden there and are at Lister Hospital, contact the Life Gallery there to buy a poppy (if there are any still left to buy). Money raised from the sale of the poppies went to the Hospital.

Photos courtesy of Ron Walker and Myla Arceno.

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